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    Facility Maintenance & Operations Services

    Maintaining a building is far from easy. You could be faced with a whole range of issues. Everything from broken windows to a leaking roof, and time and again, something more demanding, like a burst pipe. This will result in distraction from your core business. Time and effort that can be ill afforded. Why spend your valuable time dealing with it when we can take care of everything for you? We at Olans FM pride ourselves on understanding your needs and providing you with the correct level of support. Our maintenance methodologies are built on sound Asset management principle that gives our clients peace of mind that their assets are, accounted for, attended to timeously, reliable and operate efficiently over lifecycle. Olans FM has dedicated, qualified, skilled, and proficient engineers and technical staff who implement, manage and control planned, corrective and emergency maintenance services. We offer the following Technical Services:

    We offer the following Technical Services:

    Planned, ad-hoc and emergency maintenance, repairs, upgrades, replacement and new installation.

    Main supply and distribution system, Power factor correction systems, Lightening system, Planned, ad-hoc and emergency maintenance, repairs, upgrades, replacement and certification.

    Planned, ad-hoc, and emergency maintenance, repairs, upgrades and replacement and new installation.

    Maintenance, repairs, upgrades and replacement.

    Maintenance, repairs, upgrades and replacement

    Furniture repairs, door and window frame repairs, minor painting and touch ups, minor wall paper, flooring and tiling repairs, first-line HVAC and installation, electrical lightening, plumbing e.t.c