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    OLANS FM knows how it feels when your facility is constantly swallowing funds that could have been better employed elsewhere. That is why we have devised a cost reduction and optimization system that delivers substantial cost saving through process and contracts reviews, vendor prequalification, selection, bidding and negotiation. Our consultancy services include but are not limited to: sustainability and maintainability support that is crucially needed at the design and execution stages, project management and in-house organizational development for your facility department. We also carry out facility management either directly or through managed service providers as principal contractors for integrated facility management projects.

    FM Workshop

    The facilities management (FM) functions continues to evolve, as do the range of responsibilities and the method employed to deliver services. This workshop covers the entire FM range, offering the latest thinking in the profession. It confronts head-on the practical problem encountered on the ground and offers real solutions. Key to the success of individuals in this arena is the ability to deal with people and manage change, hence the workshop format of this course which enables participant to confront the implications of their actions in ‘safe’ environment.

    Depending on the particular focus required, this programme will give participant

    • An update on current best practice in FM
    • Greater awareness of the customer/ financial / organizational context in which the FM function operates
    • A complete view of the role and responsibilities of the FM function
    • Practical advice and guidance on selection and management of suppliers
    • Greater awareness of health and safety compliance issue, risk management and business continuity
    • An appreciation of the importance and benefits of good project management.

    The course is intended primarily for FM teams (including building service and estate managements) but depending on the nature of the organization, it can also be a very useful opportunity to bring in other personnel who would benefit from a greater insight into the FM function or service e.g procurement, commercial, contracts, accounts and projects managers and staff.

    A highly interactive three-day course, with workshops and informal breakout discussions a feature of every session. Additionally, the course notes have been prepared as real aid to inform, containing many checklist and example forms to assist participant in their workplace.