OLANSFM  is a Facilities Management Company in Abuja. We offer a full range of Integrated Facilities Management, Property Maintenance, Interior Designs  for Home and Offices.

Facility & Property Management Services

Property Maintenance 

Our management approach ensures world class service standards that respects and the ambiance, well being and hygiene of our clients.

Interior Design

We are known for our reliability and attention to details on every projects making your experience with us authentically different.

Property Management

Property Management is part of our facilities management services which allows maximum comfort to property owners.

Consultancy & Training

OLANS FM knows how it feels when your facility is constantly swallowing funds that could have been better employed elsewhere

why choose us

Our Mission

OLANS FM is committed to deliver cost effective facilities management and maintenance services

Our Vision

To be one of the leading and trusted facilities management companies in Nigeria

Why are we different?

We put the clients first in our dealings, we are in the business of providing services not trading